Chance of Gray

November 20, 2013

By: Rob Jones
I’ve decided to change course and go in a bit of a different direction. If you, like most of us, watch or read any news, then you know that we constantly hear the words, “racist” and “racism”, from those on the left. It’s become nothing more than part of their political rhetoric. Something that we now expect to hear, in every debate, where this president is mentioned. In effect, the left has taken any weight, or shock value, away from the very word, “racism”. People no longer cringe or listen more closely, when it’s said.
I did some research on a few things and came up with something, very interesting and often overlooked. I’ve read and studied the United States Constitution. So much so, that I carry a pocket copy of it with me, every single day. Being familiar with it, got me to think of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. The 13th Amendment Abolished Slavery. The 14th Amendment Granted Citizenship to Former Slaves. The 15th Amendment Granted Former Slaves the Right to Vote.
In order for these to become part of the Constitution, they had to be voted on, by both the house and the senate. In the case of the 13th Amendment, 100% of the GOP supported it, but only 22% of the left did. In the case of both the 14th and 15th Amendments, again, 100% of the GOP supported both, but 0% of the left did. It is very profound to me, that three of the most important Amendments to the United States Constitution were not supported by the left.
Harry Truman(D), Robert C. Byrd(D), Edward Douglass White(D), Hugo Black(D), Theodore G. Bilbo(D), and Bibb Graves(D) were all associated with the Ku Klux Klan, in some manner. The common thread being, all of them were democrats and involved in our federal government, to some extent. Some, very prominently.
I brought all of this up, because I feel that those on the left, don’t truly understand what they say. There are those on the left, including the president, that have shouted “racism”, before anything has been released to the public, over incidents. Why? They hope to be able to affix that stigma to a white, conservative. They have no concern of the facts. Their only concern is pushing forward with a political agenda, which has been firmly accusing conservatives of “racism”, since 2008.
This Nation has become a nation of “entitlements”, “racism”, and “unemployment”. We need to get back to personal responsibility. We are not racists, but we are forced to defend ourselves, or allow those on the left to walk all over us. God Bless You, God Bless West Virginia, and God Bless America.



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