Do You Know Why… ?

January 9, 2014

By:  Rob Jones

Since I began writing my column, back on November 7, 2013, I’ve tried to stay mainly on West Virginia topics or topics that had an impact on this Great State, directly. The few times that I have allowed myself to stray, was done because of a strong feeling about the topic. Today is one of those days. I’ve been called many things, due to my political beliefs… “tea bagger”, “right wing terrorist”, “right wing extremist”, “racist”, and others. I don’t dignify those labels with any defense. I was even called a “fake patriot”, by a so called friend, because I wouldn’t bend to his beliefs. I don’t care about that. All adjectives strung together to elicit a prescribed response. So, I dignified none by a response. What I do care about, is my fellow Americans, who for their beliefs in our Country, right or wrong, put their lives on the line to represent us. Our men and women who serve in our military, as well as men and women who serve in diplomatic positions.

I’m talking about Benghazi, Libya, and the attack, on September 11, 2012. On an anniversary of the 9/11 attack, I might add. The Benghazi attack killed four Americans, to include U.S. Ambassador John Christopher Stevens, Security Officer Sean Smith, two ex-Navy SEALs, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen A. Doherty, who were working as Security and Intelligence contactors. This attack also injured many others. When Americans are killed, I care. I give a damn about every man or woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice for God and Country. I care and I give a damn, both as an American and as a Proud Veteran. I don’t take lost lives lightly. Not when those men and women lived and died for our Country. You shouldn’t either. America was fed a lie, plain and simple. President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and this entire administration expected us to just choke down their excuses and move on, however quietly. How wrong they are!

South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy has supported Congressman Frank Wolf’s call for a select committee investigation into the Benghazi attack. Rep. Gowdy has taken the call to a new level. Recently, Rep. Gowdy spoke to the press. He started with, “We will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act in Benghazi and make no mistake justice will be done. Said by our president over a year ago”. “We’re investigating exactly what happened, but my biggest priority now, is bringing those folks to justice. Our president said that over a year ago”. Rep. Gowdy went on to tell the members of the press that to date, “there have been no arrests, no one has been prosecuted, and no one has been brought to justice. We don’t even have access to the witnesses”. Rep. Gowdy then told the press that they didn’t tell him how to his job when he was a prosecutor or now, as a Congressman, nor has he told the press how to do their job, but added, “I’m gonna ask you some questions and if you can’t answer these questions, then I’ll leave you to draw whatever conclusion you wanna draw, about whether or not the media has provided sufficient oversight”.

Rep. Gowdy said, “Can you tell me why Chris Stevens was in Benghazi, the night he was killed? Why we were the last flag flying there, when the British and Red Cross had already left? Do you know why requests for additional security , days and weeks, before he was murdered, and those requests went unheeded? Do you know the answer to why those requests went unheeded? Do you know why no assets were deployed during the siege? And I’ve heard the explanation which defies logic frankly, that we couldn’t have gotten there in time, but you know they didn’t know when it was gonna end, so how can you possibly cite that as an excuse? Do you know whether the president called any of our allies and said can you help, we have men under attack? Can you answer that? Do any of you know why Susan Rice was picked? The Secretary of State did not go, she says she does not like Sunday talk shows. That’s the only media venue she does not like, if that’s true. Why was Susan Rice on the five talk shows? Do you now the origin of this mythology that it was spawned as a spontaneous reaction to a video? Do you know where that started? Do you know how we got from no evidence of that to that being the official position of the administration?”

Then Rep. Gowdy looked into the eyes of the press and said, “In conclusion, Congress is supposed to provide oversight. The voters are supposed to provide oversight. You are supposed to provide oversight. That’s why you have special liberties and that’s why you have special protections. I am not surprised that the president of the United States called this a phony scandal. I’m not surprised that Secretary Clinton asked what difference does it make? I’m not even surprised that Jay Carney said that Benghazi happened a long time ago. I’m just surprised that at how many people bought it. Visibly disgusted, Rep. Gowdy turned and walked away from the podium, taking no questions and leaving the press members speechless.

Thinking about the questions Rep. Gowdy asked the press that day, I too was left speechless. I couldn’t answer any of his questions either. Not a single one, without regurgitating this administrations useless excuses. We the people have not been given any valid explanation, nor any truthful ones. Instead of the “most transparent administration” we’ve been force fed the most secretive administration. We have a president, who cannot face criticism, so when someone does criticize him, he blames Bush, blames the Tea Party, or blames an out of control GOP that refuses to go along. What kind of man, let alone a United States president, allows four Americans to die and nothing be done, except denying access to witnesses, not answering questions, and calling this a “phony scandal”?

This doesn’t affect West Virginia, by itself, but this touches every one of our Great States. Secretary Clinton once said, “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.” This leaves me with one final question for those press members. What makes this administration so special, as to deny the people to debate, to disagree, and to ask questions”? God Bless You! God Bless West Virginia! God Bless America!



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