Enemy Within Pt. 2

November 13, 2013

Last time I spoke about WV Senator Joe Manchin, I talked about his betrayal of the Great State of West Virginia, where coal is concerned. Now, I want to turn my attention to Manchin’s betrayal on obamacare. It’s not surprising, to anyone, that Manchin chose to back the president, yet again. It’s no surprise that Manchin also chose to go against the people of WV, either. I don’t believe that Manchin is capable of actually “hearing” his voters, although he may listen.
The people of WV overwhelmingly voted for a convicted prison inmate, rather than vote for Obama. Why? We did not want the policies of this man. West Virginians knew that this man would be bad for this state and worse for America. Turns out that we were right too.
With the rollout of obamacare, America was hit with the second huge failure, in reference to this unconstitutional law. (The first being its passage.) The president spent over $600 million, to get this website. $600 million!! A website that still doesn’t work, over a month later. The rage, that we were promised would gravitate towards and take part of this monstrosity, haven’t materialized either. What we did get, was broken promises, jacked up costs for the rest of us, and insurance cancelations for approximately five million people. Where is Manchin in all of this? Backing Obama, like a puppet.
Instead of actually being for the people of WV, Manchin chose to ride the fence on this. Instead of calling for the law to be repealed, Manchin calls for a one year delay to the personal mandate. Never mind that voters in WV can’t afford to pay basic needs, with the increase in costs for health insurance. In many cases, an increase, in cost, of over 200%! What do we get if we can’t afford to pay for the insurance? A fine, of course. Now, as if any of these weren’t enough to turn against obamacare, we have the fact that Manchin, along with the entire senate and congress, are exempt from the law they’re forcing upon us. Again, where’s Manchin? Still backing obamacare. Instead of backing his voters, Manchin says that we need to all “get on board and become part of team America”. I agree… We all do need to come together and cast our votes for anyone, other than Joe Manchin. God bless you, God bless West Virginia, and God bless America!



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