In From The Dark

December 9, 2013

By: Rob Jones
My columns, as of late, seem to have concentrated on the negative side of politics in the Democrat controlled territory of West Virginia. Truth be told, I didn’t have much hope for this state, when it comes to politics, for that very reason. Republicans have been the minority for far too long and many of the GOP members that we do have, tend to lean a bit left. That is until now, this week, and this column.
I was doing my weekly research and looking for my next subject, when I came across a web site for Charlotte Lane, who will be running for Congresswoman Capito’s seat. Once I found Mrs. Lane’s site, “”, I was dumbfounded that I haven’t heard much about this lady. I took a few minutes to read her stance on several issues that plague our Great State and this nation, such as jobs and the economy, a full repeal of Obamacare, and cutting federal spending. Mrs. Lane even introduced a bill once, when she was a WV Delegate, that would have fined a politician for lying! (Of course that failed.) I must say that I’m very impressed.
For starters, Mrs. Lane has a great track record as a Delegate, putting WV first. A very good conservative record, I might add. Mrs. Lane is against Obama and his “war on coal”, as she understands how crucial coal is to our job market and state economy, saying, “President Obama is willing to sacrifice the livelihoods of West Virginia for the sake of scoring political points with liberal environmentalists.”. If elected to Congress, she plans to be the first line of defense against Obama’s war on coal. She’ll stick up for West Virginia’s jobs, be an avid spokeswoman for the values of the coal industry, and promote West Virginia’s energy recourses on a national audience. She said, “West Virginia’s energy sector has much to offer to the country as a whole. It is also the backbone of our economy, and I will make protecting the coal industry my top priority in Congress.”.
On a full repeal of Obamacare, Mrs. Lane says, “Obamacare is wildly unpopular and for good reason. This government takeover of health care puts unelected bureaucrats in charge of decisions about the health care of hard working West Virginians. Even worse, this train wreck of a law kills jobs. Many of the employers our workers and their families depend on will be forced to cut jobs because of Obamacares outrageous costs.”. Mrs. Lane supports a full repeal of Obamacare.
On federal spending, Mrs. Lane feels that the record national debt racked up by the Obama administration has numerous implications for West Virginians and all of them are bad:
First, big spending liberals are happy to leave insurmountable debts for our children and grandchildren to pay off, which Mrs. Lane opposes for moral reasons and feels that the first step toward ensuring a prosperous future for our children is to cut off spending and balance the budget.
Second, our national debt has chilling effect on the national and local economies. Without the security of a sustainable federal government , businesses are forced into economic insecurity that freezes hiring and prevents job creation and economic growth. Our country as a whole has felt these effects under President Obama, and West Virginia has felt the worst of these realities.
And third, our national debt plays a significant role in how foreign countries view the United States in the global marketplace. With many of the largest competitors in the energy sector coming from foreign nations, the competitiveness of West Virginia coal on an international scale is diminished by the selfish spending policies of Washington.
Mrs. Lane says, “I believe that government spending must be reigned in and our federal government must be on track to balance its budget. Too much, our children’s future, local jobs, and the West Virginia coal industry , is being mortgaged away under the current policies set forth in Washington.”.
I plan on keeping an eye out for Mrs. Lane and I’m encouraged to see a conservative quietly making waves in West Virginia politics. I believe that Mrs. Lane has a good view of the issues concerning our Great State and is taking a stand on changing them for the better, and standing up for West Virginia and her people, on a national level. Please check out Mrs. Lane at “” and see what you think. A rising star may be in the makings. God Bless You, God Bless West Virginia, and God Bless America!!



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