Is Obama a Socialist? Of Course!

March 7, 2012

One thing that Bill O’Reilley and Ezra Klein share in common. Neither of them consider Obama to be a true socialist. By extension, they must not believe that Democratic leaders in Congress have tried to push the country towards a more socialist economy.
According to some scholars, O’Reilley and Klein are dead wrong.
Bartoliej Kaminski, at the time a University of Maryland professor, authored a landmark study in 1991 called The Collapse of State Socialism. It described the flaws in the socialism using Poland as a case study. Alarmingly, our current system has started showing many of the characteristics of what Kaminski describes as state socialism.
He states that a democratic system uses the free market to allocate goods and services while setting prices. In socialism, the government increasingly intervenes through directives to shape the market. This creates disastrous results. The federal government coerced General Motors into creating the Chevy Volt, which functions like a hybrid version of the Trabant with more possibility of fire.
Economies in a free society also require rule of law to function. They need stability in the system of rules. This more than anything else establishes fairness under the law and is mandated by the equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment. Socialist systems pick and choose upon whom to enforce the law, interpreting vaguely written statutes as they see fit. They also distribute handouts to create competitive advantages to some, while weakening others. This is part of the system of bribing and coercion that Kaminski describes as essential for socialist governments in maintaining control.
Of course the Obama administration distributes its loaves and fishes to companies that it wants to see succeed, such as Solyndra. It turns around and invents Clean Water Act interpretations to shut down coal mines and power plants. Furthermore it claims that it will allow oil exploration, then holds up the permit process. Government has usually been too active in the economy, but this administration wants to control it.
Local governments are even worse, imposing ever more restrictive rules and regulations on property use and even working on your own home.
It also seeks to control society along state socialist lines. Kaminski asserts that authoritarian socialists systems see society as an object to shape and reject individual rights. Why in the world should any government address obesity? Why should the state of Missouri criminalize the feeding of vegetable scraps to hogs bound for market? Why should any city tell a property owner that they cannot cut down a tree, regardless of reason?
Furthermore, socialists do not believe in honest diversity. Although in their perfect organization, they might claim to believe that each and every race, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation must be represented, does that really reflect diversity? If a left wing campus hires a black, a white, and Indian, a Buddhist, a gay, and a Samoan, is it really diversity if they all graduated from Ivy League schools, all come from similar backgrounds, and all voted for Obama for president?
Obama’s party expresses through many statements that they cannot fathom people such as Allen West, Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, or any Log Cabin Republicans. In their world, only a straight white male has their permission to hold individual political opinions, but only because straight white males are generally lost souls anyway. This reflects Kaminski’s description of state socialists rejecting the idea of individual autonomy in favor of creating an obedient and homogenous mass. Sarah Palin and former Republican chair Michael Steele found that their political consciences brought social reprisals usually reserved for committers of treason.
Some of this is intentional. Some is an example of good intentions paving the road to hell. Either way, it is socialism.



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