Law Professor Says This Flier is “Ludicrous.” Agree?

December 19, 2013

Church Stateby Nathan A. Cherry

A group in Indiana is under attack for speaking truthfully about the danger same-sex “marriage” presents to religious freedom. The group put out a bulletin insert to churches which listed “Just Four Dangers of Same-Sex Marriage” that is being blasted as “promulgating panic” by those who don’t agree. The flier says the four dangers are:

– Authorities jailing pastors for preaching against homosexuality.

– Cross-dressing men violating women’s privacy in their restrooms.

– Government forcing business owners to cater to same-sex weddings.

– Schools teaching children that gay marriage is normal.

One local law professor said of the flier: “This is just ludicrous. This is just promulgating panic — and misinformed panic.” Hmm, let’s see if the statements in this flier are more truth than “ludicrous.”

Is the government jailing pastors for preaching against homosexuality? No, not that I am aware of. At least not in America. But in countries where same-sex “marriage” has been legalized and codified in law pastors and Christians have been jailed for speaking against the homosexual lifestyle. It’s called “sexual orientation discrimination.” In other words, what the government deems to be morally appropriate the church, including the pastor, is not allowed to preach against; even I the Bible clearly calls something sin.

Are cross-dressing men violating women’s privacy in restrooms? You’d have to be naively absurd not to know that this is taking place in California, Colorado, and elsewhere. But not just in bathrooms, how about violating women’s privacy in college dorms. It is a certainty that affirming the transgender lifestyle will lead to privacy concerns for women in public, including underage girls in school bathrooms and locker rooms.

Is the government forcing business owners to cater to same-sex weddings? Really, do we even have to try and prove this? A photographer in New Mexico was convicted of discrimination for refusing to render services to a homosexual couple. A florist in Washington is being sued by the state for the same thing. A baker in Colorado was recently ordered by a judge to serve homosexuals!

I’m not sure who this law professor is, or what rock she’s been living under. But to look at these “Four Dangers” and say that they are “ludicrous” or just “promulgating panic” is an absolutely uninformed, absurd statement. Not only are these things taking place nationwide right now, but they will continue to get worse if same-sex “marriage” is legalized. The fact is, in states where same-sex “marriage” has been legalized provide some of the worst examples of persecution of Christians for their faith.

The only people I’ve noticed that are not concerned about this type of persecution taking place are those helping to create it. Those with an agenda bent on un-defining marriage to the point that it doesn’t exist, while removing protections for religious people trying to live out their faith publicly don’t see particularly worried. Christians however recognize the impending threat to religious liberty and freedom with the legalization of same-sex “marriage.”

Some legislators even believe it is necessary to pass legislation specifically protecting the religious rights of people of faith. Mike Lee (R-UT) is concerned that the Obama administration will not keep promises to respect the religious liberties of people and is offering the “Marriage and Religious Freedom Act” to protect those people. This bill seeks to ensure churches and other religious non-profit groups that their tax-exempt status will not be revoked for simply supporting traditional marriage and living according to their faith.

On the one hand it is pitiful that lawmakers have to create legislation to protect what is inherent in our Constitution. The idea that a churches tax-exempt status can be revoked is ridiculous. Churches are tax-exempt by their very nature. This is why no church has ever lost their tax exempt status for speaking about things considered “political” by the government. (This despite the unconstitutional 1953 Johnson Amendment added to the IRS code.)

One the other hand it would be reckless to think that this administration would not take steps to further restrict the religious freedoms of churches and people of faith. While President Obama claims to be a Christian, not only do I see no evidence of such a claim in his policy positions, I see him enacting policies that any evangelical, Bible-believing Christian would oppose. So proceeding without taking measures to ensure our rights and liberties may be reckless.

The reality is that there is quite possibly coming a day when simply speaking against the homosexual lifestyle is considered discrimination and made criminal. Will pastors then ignore Romans chapter 1 and the Bible’s clear teachings on sexuality and marriage?

If pastors can be convinced, by penalty of law or otherwise, to ignore any part of the Bible we can be sure that they will be further convinced to abandon all parts of Scripture society finds distasteful. These doctrines will be replaced with false doctrines that “everyone can agree on” regardless of their biblical veracity.

What I find “ludicrous” is that any person could deny that such things outlined on the flier are not already happening. They are happening. If you don’t believe me you can ask a photographer in New Mexico, a florist in Washington, a baker in Colorado, and a church in New Jersey.

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