Man (Woman and Child) Overboard!

February 7, 2014


By:  Rob Jones

“Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”                                                               – Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”                     – Gerald Ford

“Nobody but a begger chooses to depend chiefly upon the benevolence of his fellow-citizens.”                                                                                 – Adam Smith

“You knew that in the end it was free enterprise, not government regulation, not high taxes or big government spending… that had led to the building of a great America.”                                                                                                                                                                                               – Ronald Reagan

“The time is always right to do what is right.”                                                                                                                                                                        – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I chose these quotes to open my column, because as I read them, they seemed to fit what weighs heavily on my mind this morning. As time rolls by and the American people learn more about the law, that “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it”, we find that one problem, after another, rears its ugly head. For starters, Democrats own Obamacare all by themselves, (Not one Republican supported it or voted for it!) yet Democrats try to pass blame to Republicans by saying that we didn’t come to the table to take part in putting the law together. We the people were fed one lie, after another, by a sitting president.

The good news is, we the people will have our revenge in the upcoming elections. Here, in the Great State of West Virginia, that equates to A Republican filing to run for every seat in the State. No Democrat will run, unopposed, for their job. Will Republicans win everything? No, we won’t, but we will win many. Either way, Democrats will not be able to funnel campaign money to other Democrats, to help less fortunate candidates. Democrats will be forced to worry about their own elections. Obamacare is going to be the downfall of many Democrats, here in the Mountain State. Mountaineers tend to have long memories, when it comes to being mistreated. Too many West Virginians have lost insurance, been forced to try to pay higher prescription costs, and been forced into insurance that covers less, at higher prices and higher deductibles. Wait till the TV adds get rolling and  hard. Democrats have much to be worried about and much to fear. One West Virginian on the chopping block is Rep. Nick J. Rahall, D.

A national conservative group, Americans for Prosperity, held a meeting in Charleston to announce that they are opening a chapter in the Mountain State. AFP’s state director, Wendy McCuskey, said that the AFP focuses its efforts on free market principles, less government, and lower taxes. Rep. Rahall was the topic of conversation during the breakfast meeting in Charleston. The meeting, attended by more than 40 people, was followed by a meeting in Rahall’s home town of Beckley, The AFP has released a new television ad, to be broadcast throughout southern West Virginia. McCuskey also said Rahall, who was first elected in 1976, “should warn his colleagues to be on watch: recklessly expanding government spending and regulation will no longer be ignored.”

Democrats were quick to jump on the AFP’s efforts, saying that almost a quarter of a million dollars were spent on television to take out Rahall because he voted for Affordable Care Act. Democrats also attempted to convince us that the WV Republican Party and the campaign of “party switcher” Evan Jenkins will be the main beneficiaries of out of state money. AFP National President Tim Phillips, who attended the meeting, said the AFP was particularly interested in opposing the work of labor unions, environmental groups, and trial lawyers. Sen. Bill Cole, R-Mercer, a 15 year businessman in Bluefield, said, “What an exciting time. We have the opportunity to set a new course for the state. The time for change is truly here.”

Rep. Rahall, at an event hosted by the State Building Trades Council, said that unions “are good for business, people who believe that cheaper, non-union labor is good for American business are short-sighted”. Rahall also said, “Union labor also helps increase corporate America’s bottom line with your safety standards and the quality of your work. Each day you go to work, the safety of America’s work force increases and the quality of America’s craftsmanship rises. The source of all those benefits that accrue to our country, the expanding and rebuilding of our national infrastructure and our structurally safe and sound inventory of plants, buildings, and homes can be summed up in one word – union.”

Groups such as AFP and the American Energy Alliance have already spent millions on political ads, criticizing Rahall and other congressional candidates, mostly Democrats. Rahall said those ads are part of the “tidal wave of obscene spending going on in campaigns in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision.” As you know, that 5-4 ruling against the Federal Election Commission, released January 21, 2010, allows groups not directly tied to any political candidate to keep the identity of many of their donors secret from the public. Rahall further said, “If you watch TV, even if you watch NFL football, you probably know what I mean already. The TV ad war against me has been going on for months and the election is still 10 months away. Those groups may have more money than I do. And they may be able to air more TV ads than I possibly can. But thanks to the rank and file, the retirees, and the families of union members, I sure do have more friends here at home than they do. How does it make sense for the Chamber to be working against the one member in the West Virginia congressional delegation who will have a position of power to bring roads, bridges, and water systems to our state?”

It’s apparent to me that the fading of colors, from “blue” into “red”, has Democrats worried. The Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, and a state Republican party that seems to be greatly re-energized, are leading the way. West Virginia also has a number of strong conservative candidates running for seats, such as Charlotte Lane, who is running for Capito’s Congressional seat. Growing up in the Mountain State, I’ve seen that local and state governments have always been Democrat controlled. It was expected to see a Republican lose a race to a Democrat. West Virginia has seen many Democrats come and go, who speak out for liberal policies, only to climb back on the fence, to try to keep from losing state support. A great example of this is former West Virginia Governor and current Senator Joe Manchin, who saw his numbers plummet after supporting Obamacare and other Obama policies.

Our great State of West Virginia is lagging in almost everything. Liberal policies are to blame. Mountaineers have a conservative voice, but until recently, we were not being heard and had no one to carry that voice to Charleston or Washington. With groups like Americans for Prosperity, we now have a strong conservative voice that carries state wide and nationally. I’m excited about where West Virginia is, politically, right now and the direction we seem to be moving. Senator Bill Cole is right. What an exciting time and what an opportunity we have ahead of us!! As I’ve said though, this can’t be done without our help. It’s vital for us to step up, make small donations, talk to friends, tweet, post on facebook, and support candidates who show strong conservative leadership, both locally and statewide.

I’m also very excited to have Americans for Prosperity open a state chapter, here in the Great State of West Virginia. I highly recommend you look them up on facebook, at ““, or simply type “Americans for Prosperity – West Virginia” into your facebook search box. Check them out, see what they’re about, and support their mission. I plan on contacting state AFP Director, Wendy McCuskey, and offering my assistance in any way that I can, be it by writing or good old fashioned talking. I will keep you posted on this. God Bless You! God Bless West Virginia! God Bless America!




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