Maybe A Lethal Dose of Venom

January 31, 2014

By:  Rob Jones

I used to watch news, read a news paper, or skim the net for news, only once in a while. Then someone told me something that I’ve never forgotten. “If you vote, you have every reason to pay attention and speak out. If you don’t vote, you have no reason to complain.” How true that statement really is. Since then, I never miss my duty to vote and I pay attention to what our elected officials are doing. I sure have no problem voicing my approval or disapproval either. Which brings me to this column and the subject of the president being bad for Democrats in West Virginia. From what I’ve seen in recent months; loyalty seems to stop at the state line and for damn good reason.

Right now, Democrats control a great deal of our states power structure. From the top down, they have the governors mansion, both of the states’ U.S. Senate seats (for now), and both houses of the state Legislature. West Virginia has been this way for many, many years. True enough, West Virginia has had some good, decent people in elected offices at times. But the pendulum has been slowly swinging back the other direction. Why would this happen? The simple, and only answer, is Obama. State politicians hailed Obama, supported him, and sang his praises. Over his presidency, more and more problems became visible, such as Obamacare and all of the lies surrounding it, all of the scandals, such as Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious, the NSA domestic spying, and unconstitutional executive orders and sidestepping.

How bad is it? Well, for an example, during the last presidential election, the atmosphere in the Mountain State was so toxic, that Obama not only lost nine counties, but worse, he lost 42 percent of the vote to a jailed felon!! A felon from Texas, serving time for extortion. The divisions have been on display since then too. Senator Manchin, Senator Rockefeller, Rep. Rahall, and Governor Tomblin were all absent, when the Democratic Party convened in North Carolina, to nominate Obama for his second term. Obama has attacked our states coal industry, accused us of clinging to our Bibles, and clinging to our guns. West Virginia just isn’t buying what Obama’s selling anymore.

The problems and division become more apparent, when you look at how our state politicians have picked and choosed where they give their support, where they don’t, what they back, and what they stay clear of. Senator Manchin is a perfect example. He was outspoken about Obama’s war on the coal industry, yet openly supported Obamacare and still does, regardless of the problems. Manchin even came out in support of greater gun control legislation, until he heard the reaction of his people, here in West Virginia. Then he tried back peddling, in an attempt to save voters from jumping overboard. Senator Manchin has been fence riding so much so, that a “recall vote” petition was being passed around the north central area and had gained a few thousand signatures. Even GOP members aren’t exempt. Congresswoman Capito has supported way too much of the Obama socialist agenda.

Simon Perry, professor emeritus of political science at Marshall University, in Huntington, said, “The state’s politics reflect voters’ quirks. They generally think that local politicians know their needs, while the president and national politicians in Washington just do not understand them. The reason that this happens is probably due to the fact that voters have little quarrel with the Democratic Party at the state level, but at the national level it’s totally different.”

Right now, there is a sharp divide in West Virginia over whether the politicians should show loyalty to their constituencies or loyalty to their parties. On one hand, Democrats are going to support Democrats. On the other, the Obama agenda of energy, healthcare, alternative energy, and social issues don’t go over well in this state. Mountaineers don’t play well with others, when that agenda is the game. To say that Obama’s policies and agenda are wildly unpopular, is a gross understatement.  Ordinary West Virginians used to look to Washington with something close to reverence. It was a partner in good times, a lifeline in bad ones, a powerful ally against the big corporations that came for its coal and timber. By some measures, West Virginia relies more on federal money than any other state. But increasingly, it also has become an extreme example of the hostility that shows up in every national poll when people are asked how they feel about the federal government. Many here now speak of Washington as an enemy that threatens their economy and their way of life, that traps them into dependency.

From Franklin D. Roosevelt’s era until the 2000 election, it was among the most reliably Democratic states, one of only six that Jimmy Carter carried in 1980, and 10 that Michael S. Dukakis won in 1988. Historian John Alexander Williams said, “But in the past decade or so, “West Virginia has realigned politically with the Deep South, at least in presidential elections. Between the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections, a time when voters were trending strongly Democratic in other parts of the nation, 366 of official Appalachia’s 410 counties increased their Republican share of presidential votes.”

Democrat policies are anti-coal, anti-small business, anti-gun, and anti-religion. Things that West Virginians care deeply about.  It’s no wonder that in the span of 10 years, the state has completely abandoned the Democrat party. In 2014, I believe that elections will divide this state even more. I’m looking for Democrats, who usually have little trouble getting re-elected, fighting hard battles. The fact that 2014 has so many members of the Republican party running is strong evidence of that. Having good, strong, conservatives running is even better.

West Virginia is in the midst of a political revolution. A revolution, of the likes that we’ve not seen before. I’m excited about the future and about how many doors have swung wide open to Republicans and conservatives. Mountaineers aren’t simply voting blindly for a Democratic ticket. But again, this revolution isn’t going to be easy and won’t happen if many of us fail to support Republicans and conservatives. Check out some of the candidates available. They’re good and decent folks with fresh ideas that fall along conservative values. Last, but not least… Get out and vote!! Our votes count!! God Bless You! God Bless West Virginia! God Bless America!



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