Obama Gives West Virginia Senator the Republican Treatment

April 4, 2012

About six weeks ago, veteran Washington Examiner reporter Michael Barone described Barack Obama in the following fashion:
“Obama seems to live in a cocoon in which Republicans are largely absent, offscreen actors that no one pays any attention to.”

West Virginia junior senator Joe Manchin expressed the same frustrations on April 3 during a press conference at John Amos power plant ten miles northwest of Charleston.

“I talked to the president before I was a senator. I have not spoken to him since I’ve been a U.S. senator at all. I’ve tried. I’m still trying, but we just have, I guess, a difference of opinion on some things.”

Barone wrote that Obama has increasingly limited his personal interactions to fellow liberals, especially those who can help to financially support his re-election bid. That includes shutting out many of the people who supposedly are there to help him administer the government. He quoted a liberal blogger as saying that “The president’s decision-making method . . .seems to consist of mainly checking boxes on memos his aides have written for him.”

This leads to a warped policy process that resembles greatly the late Roman Empire’s system where whoever was physically closest to the emperor most of the time found his or her opinion to be favored.

Manchin indicated that Obama and his executive agencies are completely out of touch with average Americans. He said, “When I have a bureaucratic agency that is run by bureaucrats that have never been here and could care less and are setting standards that aren’t reasonable, I think it’s wrong. It’s over-reaching,”

West Virginia’s 3rd congressional district representative Nick Joe Rahall has gone on the record even more vehemently and emotionally. And while Manchin’s ideological status remains murky, few accuse Rahall of not being liberal.

According to Barone, Obama could not care less about the impact that his policies have on the average American who struggles to put gas in their car and pay electric bills. He listens more to his sycophants and “the designer-clad ladies Obama encounters at every fundraiser.”

So Joe Manchin should not take this personally. Obama tends to ignore people of substance who disagree with him, regardless of party affiliation.



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