Rockefeller and Manchin Bad for WV

April 12, 2014


By:  Rob Jones

“Government exists to protect us  from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to  protect us from ourselves.”   –   Ronald Reagan

“All, too, will bear in mind this  sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to  prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess  their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be  oppression.”   –   Thomas Jefferson

As I’ve read over the news of the last few days, I can’t help but to notice the coverage of Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin, pushing their co-sponsored national chemical-tank leak bill. As you are well aware, this was brought on by the leaking of a tank, owned by Freedom Industries, along the Elk River, which contained a coal-cleaning chemical known as Crude MCHM, on January 9. This leak left some 300,000 West Virginians without water for a couple of weeks. Many are wondering if the water is still contaminated, due to the smell. WV Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed a similar bill, known as the :spill bill”, into law Tuesday afternoon.

The national bill, sponsored by Rockefeller and Manchin, both D-WV and Barbara Boxer D-CA, would require states to set up an inspection program for above-ground chemical storage tanks, like the one that leaked into the Elk River. The bill passed the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on Thursday, by a 16-2 vote. It now heads to the full senate, where it will need 60 votes to advance the bill to the House of Representatives, where its prospects for passage are slim. WV Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-WV introduced similar legislation in the House, where it has not advanced.

I’m not complaining about the law, as it will mandate the utilities to come up with water protection plans. This isn’t a bad thing. People can go without food much longer than they can without drinking water. A source of good, clean drinking water is a must, for all communities. My agrivation stems from not one, but two West Virginia Senators, who are ignoring the real problems of their constituants, in order to worry with a national version of the WV spill bill.

There are untold thousands of seniors, in the Mountain State, who can no longer afford to buy perscription medications or pay co-pays for doctor office visits, due to Obamacare. What are Rockefeller and Manchin doing for these people? Where is the national legislation for this attrocity? It isn’t even a thought to Rockefeller or Manchin. While my family worries about coming up with the extra costs, to pay for my mothers medications, which are desperately needed for rhuemetoid arthritus, they are more concerned with chemical tank spills.

Over the last few years, I began to see Sens. Rockefeller and Manchin for what they are. Career politicians that want only to advance their careers and keep their cushy Washington jobs. Now, you may be screaming foul, but that’s OK. I fully understand and expect to upset a few readers here. But allow me to explain. Rockefeller and Manchin have both pandered to the liberals in Washington for decades. More so Rockefeller, but Manchin had his share while Governor of the Mountain State. Both have fallen into party line rhetoric where gun control and health care fights are being fought. Rockefeller and Manchin are both well aware that the Great State of West Virginia does not agree with either federal gun control or federally controlled health care. We the people of WV have spoken quite loudly during the last few elections, at one point, voting for a still incarcerated fellon, rather than vote for Obama! Still, Rockefeller and Manchin ignore the voices here at home.

Thankfully, Rockefeller has announced his retirement, leaving his senate seat open. WV Rep. Shelley Moore Capito will be running for that empty seat and is thought to be a sure winner, with little or no opposition. Sadly, Rep. Capito isn’t much better, with how she votes. Rep. Capito has a very questionable voting record, as far as conservatives see it. This will still leave Sen. Manchin and Rep. Capito to deal with, as there is no reason to think that they will start hearing the voices, on their own. If they will not voluntarily hear us and realize that they work for us, we must force them to learn. Whether they like it or not, we the people do not work for them, the government. They work for us. Somewhere along the line, career politicians, such as these, forget that, instead, opting to ease into a “do as I say” type of roll. Nowhere is this more evident, than with President Obama, who fails to abide by either the courts or the U.S. Constitution, seamingly on a daily basis.

To add to this outright madness and lawless behavior, Rockefeller and Manchin fail to speak out against Obama’s behavior, instead, supporting him at every opportunity. West Virginia is not a rich state by any means. When it comes to good old fashioned hard work, I’ll put us Mountaineers against the best. We have a very hard working, God fearing, family oriented people. People who aren’t afraid to lend a helping hand. People are often times generous to fault. With this being said, Mountaineers don’t have many high paying jobs to choose from. As an example, the average yearly salary for a police office in WV is around $35,000 a year. Factor in a spouse, a couple of children, a home, a car, monthly expenses, and Obamacare, and you have a poverty stricen public servant, who puts their life on the line daily. Then, add in a family member who is on disability and medicaid, who can no longer offord medications, that were very affordable a few months ago,

Again I ask, where is the legislation to help us? We West Virginians are being left out to dry by those elected to help us! We elect them, in hopes that they will serve and better their home communities and state. Often times we get nothing close to that. Leaving us feeling like victims of the old “bait and switch”. Please… I’m begging you… Come out and support good conservative candidates that will get the job done and focus on West Virginia. God Bless You! God Bless West Virginia! God Bless America!




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