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A Blueprint for American Reform to Past Greatness!

September 27, 2015

By Tom Stark Everyone these days has a formula that will result in “transformation” of America. Transformation has been turned into a dirty word in many minds since the dawn of the Obama administration’s effort the “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” But transformation can take a significance to those of the more conservative […]


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Traditional Private Sector Unions Weigh Options For 2012

April 16, 2012

The Democratic Party’s support of Barack Obama may bring costly long-term penalties.   Republicans at one time enjoyed the support of blacks and large parts of labor. Upon the onset of the Great Depression, those workers and minorities perceived that the GOP no longer seemed to concern itself with their issues. Republicans were more and […]


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Obama Gives West Virginia Senator the Republican Treatment

April 4, 2012

About six weeks ago, veteran Washington Examiner reporter Michael Barone described Barack Obama in the following fashion: “Obama seems to live in a cocoon in which Republicans are largely absent, offscreen actors that no one pays any attention to.”   West Virginia junior senator Joe Manchin expressed the same frustrations on April 3 during a […]


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Obama Occupies a Generation

March 29, 2012

Barack Obama’s new outreach to millenials, his third, finds him actually renaming the current 18-30 year old generation . . . after himself. Kids, you are now Gen44, the generation that elected Barack Obama. The audacity of dope strikes again. Below are some wonderful uses of the #Gen44 Twitter hashtag. Naming an entire generation #Gen44 […]


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Is Obama a Socialist? Of Course!

March 7, 2012

One thing that Bill O’Reilley and Ezra Klein share in common. Neither of them consider Obama to be a true socialist. By extension, they must not believe that Democratic leaders in Congress have tried to push the country towards a more socialist economy. According to some scholars, O’Reilley and Klein are dead wrong. Bartoliej Kaminski, […]


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