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Education Materials Cannot be Objective if Selection Criteria are Subjective!

June 17, 2016

The following information represents a small segment excerpted from the WV Board of Education Policy that illustrates guidelines for vendors providing instructional material for evaluation by the state for inclusion in the list of approved instructional materials each cycle. Following that information, my commentary regarding solutions to address these inadequacies.   This particular one is […]


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A Blueprint for American Reform to Past Greatness!

September 27, 2015

By Tom Stark Everyone these days has a formula that will result in “transformation” of America. Transformation has been turned into a dirty word in many minds since the dawn of the Obama administration’s effort the “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” But transformation can take a significance to those of the more conservative […]


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Explaining the Federal Court Ruling Striking Down the Housing Allowance for Pastors

December 3, 2013
Explaining the Federal Court Ruling Striking Down the Housing Allowance for Pastors

by Nathan A. Cherry One of the most deceptive attacks on religious freedom has taken place and you might not have even heard about it. I briefly touched on this subject last week just a couple of days after it happened, but I want to spend a little more time unpacking how a recent decision […]


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