Tired of Your Kids Being Exposed to Cosmo?

July 17, 2012

by Tom Stark

Parkersburg – The creeping deterioration of the moral fiber of American society is a gradual, slow-moving but unending effort on the part of the progressives to undermine all moral standards of right, wrong, good and evil.  In countless cases, progressives have been the spearhead of these efforts typically hiding behind 1st Amendment issues to force vulgarity, profanity, raw sex, etc., on public streets and supermarket magazine racks, in movies, TV, and every other form of communication.  Typically a trait that weaves its way through all of it is the effort to normalize and indoctrinate such things and behaviors among the youth and pre-teen age groups as they are the most pliable and most easily fooled in these efforts to corrupt.

A classic example of an icon of conservative, socially correct communication from the past that has deteriorated into a sex periodical and little else is Cosmopolitan Magazine.  A recent article by Chelsea Shilling that appeared on the WND.com website was triggered, I believe, by the news that Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of newspaper magnate William Randolph Heart, has come out publicly with a statement that Cosmopolitan Magazine belongs in the adults only area of any store selling it and it should not be sold to minors.

Hearst is quoted as saying, “It’s absolutely pornography and needs to be in the adult section.” She is a born-again Christian, but more surprisingly, her family now owns the offending magazine.  She makes it clear that her position on the issue has no bearing on how she interacts with her family, but she is adamant in her belief that the magazine has evolved into something resembling, by every criteria, pornography.

I won’t rehash the history of the magazine, but it was originally a highly respected guide to the social graces and the happenings of society back in the 1886 and was purchased by the Hearst family in 1905 but it was not what it is today until sales began sagging in the 1960s and Helen Gurley Brown was hired to “revamp” the magazine to boost circulation.  As many of you probably know, Helen Gurley Brown is well known for her “sexual liberation” beliefs whereby women should be fully free to explore all aspects of their sexuality without constraint by moral codes or other strictures.  From the article:

In her 1962 book, “Sex and the Single Girl,” she was outspoken about women’s need for sex: “You inherited your proclivity for it. It isn’t some random piece of mischief you dreamed up because you’re a bad, wicked girl.”

All of this admittedly falls under the freedom of speech protections of our constitution which was well documented in the battles in courts across the country involving Hustler publisher Larry Flint.  However, the aspect of Cosmo’s decline in standards is that while claiming top spot for the 18-34 age bracket, they continually include photo spreads and explicit interviews concerning the personal proclivities of a number of Disney’s most popular pre-teen and teen stars including Selena Gomez, Dakota Fanning, and Demi Lovato, to mention three.  Why, if they are not targetting this younger demographic, would such a string of Disney-connected child stars be included among the featured articles that delve into things that pre-teens might need to know about (self-mutilation, bulimia, anorexia, etc.) but would be better served by a health professional or a caring parent than a newsstand rag like this.

Shillings article includes the names and addresses for the magazine and the Hearst Corporation, provides links to a petition that has already collected 34,000 signatures asking that the magazine be provided only to adults and be covered with an opaque cover on the newsstands where they are viewable by minors.  She also includes a link to a letter suitable for hand delivery to your local Wal-Mart or other store which continues to sell the magazine to anyone with the price and gives it prominent exposure at almost every check-out line in every store.  The letter askes effectively the same things be done in the stores as the petition asks of the distributors and publishers.

It is this kind of creeping filth that has gone a long way to cutting into the fabric of our society.  Yes, free speech protects all of us, but nobody is asking that the magazine not be published.  They are simply asking that it not be used to exploit children and teens who’s parent should have a say in the kinds of literature their children read.  Check out the information Shilling provides HERE and let your voices be heard.  Think about it…then act!




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