Are You Truly 100% Pro-Life?

September 23, 2015

by Tom Stark

Earlier this month, I read an article about a 14 year old who snuck out of the house to meet a “boy of my own age with whom I had been chatting over the internet.” It turned out to be a 66 year old rapist who impregnated her and left her for trash. The initial response to this situation has historically involved a therapeutic abortion – doesn’t everyone think that this is one of the two exceptions that permit abortion? Well, not everyone does. I urge you to read about this courageous young woman, her supportive parents and the brutality she has undergone at the hands of others who do not seem to be able to grasp the fact that the child did nothing to the victim. He/she is, in some ways, just another victim of the same violence without having a memory of it happening.

While this is a case where violence begat a marvelous relationship of the child with a mother who thought it was more important to protect her unborn child than to “do the thing that was expected of her by all the others.”

In reality, there are a very small number of rapes that result in impregnation. Of the total number of abortions in America, only about 0.3% can be attributed to such a horrible event. That is still a sizable number (about 150,000 lives since passage of Roe v. Wade if that percentage is used), but it is largely society’s fault that so many of this group wind up being destroyed by abortion, not the victim’s. In this case, the victim was virtually raped again by the vicious comments directed toward her by school mates, strangers, and others who seemed to blame her for her situation. Still, she persisted. With the support of her parents, when her child was born, her convictions were confirmed and continue to be on a near daily basis simply by looking at the beauty and happiness brought into her life from this experience. Her son is a healthy, happy, well-adjusted child.

At one point in 2010, I was speaking to a group in a small town in West Virginia. A member of the audience who had experienced the trauma of abortion confronted me rather mercilessly because I held out the two classic exceptions to the “no-abortion promise.” (rape and incest). She could not understand why anyone would support abortion under any circumstances and felt that anyone supporting abortion under any circumstances was not “pro-Life”.

I continued to disagree for several months after that experience until I read about another woman that chose to keep her rape-conceived baby. Her description, and that of the 14 year old in this article, made me understand that there are still other options available that allow an innocent life to flourish regardless of the reason he/she exists. Adoption or acknowledgement of the child’s innocence are two very real options that allow life to be retained while also allowing the rape victim to move on with her life either with or without the child.

While many people still hold out those two classic exceptions, “my viewpoint has evolved” as the politicians are want to say. It is 100% pro-Life now…without exception. Even if you can’t, there is always someone in this world who will love a baby.  Give them a chance. Choose Life…



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