What Is It That Caused Cucinelli to Lose?

November 7, 2013

by Tom Stark

Parkersburg – I have been having a rather animated discussion with two different people regarding Cucinelli’s loss in VA.  The first is from a guy that is independent and didn’t think Cucinelli did enough to distinguish himself regarding what he wanted to accomplish but rather spent too much time bashing McAuliffe

He said he was voting for Sarvis because what Sarvis had to say resonated with him.  No doubt it did, but by voting for Sarvis, he actually cast a vote in favor of McAuliffe because Sarvis pulled most of his votes from Cucinelli’s side of the street knowing he had no chance of winning.  My friend finally realized – likely too late – and acknowledged that the margin was close enough that the votes for Sarvis cost Cucinelli the election.

At the same time, I was having a more rancorous discussion with a Republican Party type (establishment subspecies) who thinks that Cucinelli lost because he pissed off too many people with his anti-women (pro-life), anti-homosexual (Christian), and anti-government (limited government/Tea Party) brand of politics and that if he (the guy with whom I was discussing the election) had his way the Republican Party would provide a serious swing to the center and get along with the Democrats to get things done and abandon the Tea Party and conservative values as the standard.

The first friend listened to reason and kept an open mind. The establishment type claimed to be “liberty caucus”  but in reality was closer to Democrat than libertarian.  He does not see the need for government to restrict abortion, he thinks that “religious types” need to accept that the majority of voters now accept the homosexual lifestyle as “normal” and shut up about it, saying these hard-core stances on social issues are what’s destroying the Republican Party.

Whether you are or are not religious is secondary to the need for some objective – greater than mankind – standard of morality by which a society can prosper and succeed over the long haul.  As has been demonstrated in America, its downfall coincides with the abandonment of such a moral imperative in favor of “go-along to get along” and “if it feels good, it’s OK by me” mentality.John Adams suggested that our form of government could not sustain the people unless they held a strong moral reference upon which to judge candidates and conduct the business of running a society and serving the proper purposes of government.I maintain that it is a lack of strong principles and a failure to stick to the party platform that has undermined the Republican Party.  They dust off the platform every four years and then toss it back on the shelf and nobody reads it or adheres to it until the next Presidential election cycle.

When our Congressman told me during his first term in office that people who vote their principles were chest-beaters and grand-standers, I lost all hope for the party in WV because we have elected a spineless establishment type to the office and have no hope of removing him because his re-election is assured by the thousands of dollars that roll into his account from the unions and other favorite “RINO” sources.  He might as well be a Democrat.  Shelley’s little better. Party before principles is what is destroying the Republican Party.

It’s time to begin a serious recruitment effort to primary establishment Republicans.  After having served for just over three years on the county executive committee I am convinced that the party is not interested in changing the status quo and sees anyone who wants to do so as a threat.  It’s sad, but the only way to change it at this point is to find, recruit and MOST IMPORTANTLY finance serious conservatives as candidates for offices held by RINOs.There is not enough difference between traditional Republican candidates and Democrats to get the 20 million-odd Christian and values voters off their discouragement couches and into the voting booth.  Based on history, they have had little reason to be encouraged.They have to be shown that the candidates are different from their opposition and offer something that they can support.  That, coupled with strong grass-roots get out the vote efforts could turn the tide in our favor.  It takes work, but wouldn’t it be worth it?



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