Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

November 7, 2013

As it’s coming up on another election year and the GOP is taking a beating, in the press, we need to discuss this election. Particularly the United States Senate seats, currently held by Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin. Democrats have had a strangle hold on West Virginia politics for years. Senator Rockefeller anounced his upcoming retirement and Senator Manchin will, no doubt, be running for re-election. These are two senate seats, that are wide open for the taking, and that we need to take! Over the years, WV has had liberal senators. We need to get two conservative minded candidates elected. President Obama has been able to count on “yes” votes from Rockeffeler and Manchin. Votes, that go against the very people who elected them and the core values and beliefs, that we West Virginians have. WV overwhelmingly voted against Obama in two presidential elections, yet we have two US Senators that side with him on important issues, such as Obamacare and gun control. These men ride the fence of support/abandon, for you and me. They talk of being for the people, then vote against us. The voting records of these men support Obama’s agenda of more control and less freedom. They do nothing to defend the United States Constitution, but allow Obama to walk all over it and work outside its bounds. This tells us that Rockefeller and Manchin support the socialist views and agenda of Obama. What about the agenda of the people of WV? West Virginians need senators that support this state, our people, and agenda. As the election draws closer, I will go over specific issues, the stance of Rockefeller and Manchin, and steps we can take, to win these seats. As a side note and to make you aware, if you aren’t already… There is a petition going around the Great State of WV, for a recall of Joe Manchin. Last time I heard, we had about two thousand signatures and were gaining more every day. Please look out for this petition and sign it, as we need all of the help that we can get!! Till next week, God Bless you all, God Bless WV, God Bless America!!



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