Yeah! Sure! Just forget about your values, believes, principles!

May 29, 2015

by Tom Stark

Parkersburg – Apparently, our illustrious President has recently been bloviating at Geogetown University.  As usual, his view is the only view that matters, so we should not be surprised to learn that much of his speech was focused on blasting the Christian Church for “not doing enough about poverty in America.”  What he failed to address is the extreme disparity between the charitable giving habits of Christians versus those of the members of the secular community as a whole.  In that realm, the secular has been left in the dust several times over.  But that’s not the worst of it.

According to our “fearless” leader (what a joke that is), Christians spend too much time thinking about less important issues such as the murder of 50+ million babies every few decades, or whether or not the definition of marriage that has been maintained in virtually every society known to mankind for millennia should be arbitrarily abandoned for the sake of less than two percent of the population who choose to do what our faith clearly advises is sinful and immoral.

If we would just spend less time worrying about those little things, the big issue of poverty would be a snap to cure.  He also failed to mention that since the Democrat-sponsored and highly touted “War on Poverty” was hatched by Lyndon Johnson’s cohorts back in the 1960s, the problem of poverty has done nothing but grow except during a brief period following Republican-led welfare reform in the 1990s produced a reduction in the welfare rolls of nearly fifty percent due to adding a work requirement and a time limit to such benefits.

At least we can say that he is consistent.  If there is a choice to be made, Barack Obama will nearly always come down on the side that faults someone else for his own short-comings or short-sightedness.

Perhaps Barack needs to take a hard look at history at which point he might notice that his views have been tried before…Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Mao, Pol Pot… need I continue?  They all began by attempting to weaken the churches and faith in order to make people turn to government for salvation.  What they failed to mention in advance was that the price to be paid for this shift in allegiance would result in citizens relinquishing much if not all of their freedom to decide where their life is going and how they get there.  The only reason we aren’t further down the road to ruin is that we have a constitution that was completely focused on freedom and preventing tyrants from doing what these tyrants of the past have tried.

As long as the church stands up and allows their faith to be tested through resistance to obvious tyranny, we will be able to breathe free.  As long as the church continues to fight those who would cheapen life and encourage sinful behavior, we have a good chance to survive, because – as has been demonstrated by history – when there is only silence, there is consent.  Where there is a lack of courage, there is defeat. And where there is apathy, there is failure.

We are stuck with a President that has chosen a path in life that is the antithesis of freedom for a while longer.  What we must do is prevent having a successor that shares the same views.  The season for decisions is upon us as we begin the 2016 politicking (way too early IMHO).  Will the church stand strong?  Will the church hold to its principles?  Will we make the right decisions?  Only, you, the leaders and members of the faith, can make that call.  Twenty million Christian voters stayed home on election day 2012.  Who would be leading us if they had cared enough to cast their vote?  Apathy can be just a dangerous as tyranny.  In fact, one leads to the other.  Think about it!



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